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qwikConvert for iPhone

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Instantly convert dozens of different units

qwikConvert - the popular Dashboard widget - now available in the App Store!

With qwikCONVERT, simply enter the amount you want to convert and the units (e.g. Meters) and you will instantly see conversions into other units.

Most converters make you select the unit type, then the units your conversing from, then the units you are converting to. qwikConnvert gives you your answer in a fraction of the time.

qwikConvert has a fixed currency rate feature - you will get a live currency rate, but when travelling fix the conversion to the rate you actually paid - always know exactly what you paying!

qwikConvert also knows where you live (via your system settings, NOT via GPS); type a $ and you'll get US dollars - unless you live in Australia, Canada or another country using dollars then, you'll get your local currency. UK users converting pints and gallons will also easily see past US weights and measures - without affecting US users.

qwikConnvert is fast and easy to use, with (hideable) help prompts, and also includes a full user guide within the app!

Also available as an Dashboard widget for Mac OS X