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XMas Lights

XMas Lights is a great little application for Mac OS X that strings a row of lights underneath your menubar. XMas lights is written by Good Doug Software, download the latest version now from the Good Doug Website

Blub Demo Although XMas Lights is good, the graphics could be improved, to this end I have changed the blubs. I felt the lights were a little dull just flashing on and off, so the lights now flash alternately. I've also added a forth colour to make sure no two lights that are on are together. I have also removed the filerment, which looked a little odd.

To download these lights, click below. The package is a stuffit archive and contains the images, a new icon (a christmas tree that looks a bit more attactive in the dock) and installation instructions.

XMas Lights Enhancements.sit (126k)